Can I Use Natural Cork Flooring in a Kitchen?

Yes, Opus Floors natural cork flooring Green Flow and Naturcork Series can be used in kitchens, it is very comfortable to stand on and is easy to maintain. Nevertheless, it is advised to place area rugs or mats in front of the kitchen appliances and sink to protect your cork floor from a lot of traffic, grease, dropping food, water spillages and everything else that can cause premature wear of your kitchen floor. Use felt pads on chair and furniture legs and do not drag furniture across the floor. Also avoid moisture on the floor.
Regarding maintenance, we recommend regular sweeping and damp moping as dirt and grit can act as sandpaper and damage the Cork flooring finish.
Once a year or more frequently, you will want to refurbish you Cork flooring (according to the maintenance guidelines supplied) if there is a lot of traffic and the floor starts to show some signs of wear. This will reinforce the protective layer and will restore the original appearance.