Is the Coloring of the Cork Flooring Homogeneous?

Cork Flooring is manufactured from natural cork. Like a beautiful hardwood floor, natural cork products like our Genuine Cork Greenflow, and Naturcork, will exhibit shade variation. This is a positive quality, since every single plank or tile is unique!

Do Cork Floors Change in the Light?

Yes, cork flooring , like other natural flooring products, can change and lighten with exposure to direct sunlight. The amount of change is directly related to the amount of direct UV exposure. While our Genuine Cork and Naturcork tiles make use of the natural cork visual, Greenflow planks are more colorfast, since extra steps are taken at the factory to achieve the high quality wood visuals. Area rugs and large furniture will block light exposure and cause coloration variations. To minimize, furnishings and floor coverings should be moved periodically. Covering large exposed windows, or using a UV protectant film on windows getting direct sunlight, can help protect your floors and other furnishings. If you carry window treatments, this could be a good opportunity to review options with your client.